Intervista immaginaria a Shakespeare

Intervista immaginaria a Shakespeare

Se Shakespeare fosse davanti a noi cosa gli chiederemmo? Questa breve intervista ad un fantomatico Shakespeare ancora in vita ci regala uno spunto didattico che potrebbe avere fortuna fra gli studenti. Chiedete ai vostri alunni di immaginare alcune domande ( e le relative risposte) che vorrebbero porre a Shakespeare, se oggi fosse ancora fra noi.


Hello, sir! I hope I haven’t interrupted your rehearsal!
Rehearsal? Oh no, we actors rarely have time for rehearsals. Sometimes I finish writing a play just before the performance and the ink is still wet! Our audiences want new plays all the time!

Oh, I didn’t realize that. You must be a very busy man.
Indeed I am. I’m a playwright, an actor, and I’m part owner and manager of two theatres—the Globe, which is an outdoor theater, and the Blackfriar’s, an indoor theater.

Goodness! Which roles have you played?
Several…but the public is particularly fond of my interpretation of Hamlet’s father, the ghost! Of course, I also act in plays that I haven’t written, such as Ben Jonson’s plays.

What’s the theater business like in London today?
My company of actors has been very successful, because the number of theatre goers is steadily growing—the theatre is becoming increasingly popular with all social classes. But, unfortunately a law was recently passed that obligates theatres to close on Thursdays, so that the bull and bear baiting businesses can get some clients too! Would you believe that people have neglected the bull and bear baiting businesses to come to the theatre!

What are ticket prices like today at the Globe?
Well, you can stand in the pit for only one penny; and if you want to sit in one of the three galleries, then you have to pay a bit more.

What does that black flag on top of the Globe mean?
A black flag tells the public that the play is going to be a tragedy. When it’s a comedy, we put up the white flag—and a red flag means an historical play.
Oh, there’s the trumpet—I’ve got to run!

The trumpet?
Yes, when the trumpet sounds loud and clear, the play is about to begin!
Time for me to go to work!

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